Areas of Activities

Main areas of PSS activities

The PUBLIC SECURITY SERVICE UNDER THE MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS (hereinafter - the Public Security Service) is an institution of special permanent preparedness and, as one of the subject ensuring the national security of Lithuania, the component of the Civil Protection System Force and the institution ensuring the public security subject to the management area of the Ministry of Interior, contributes to the first strategic goal of the management areas entrusted to the Minister of Interior “To implement the public security policy and strive that people in the country would feel safer”.

The mission of the Public Security Service is to restore public order, to ensure public security during extreme and emergency situations; to organize and conduct convoying; to ensure the protection of important state objects; to defend the state of Lithuania in case of war.

The strategic goal of the Public Security Service is to restore public order in cases of special and emergency situations, to conduct convoying and to ensure the protection of important state objects.

In cooperation with other related law enforcement institutions of the European Union and striving to accede to the contribution of the Republic of Lithuania in the implementation of the security and defence policy of the European Union, the Public Security Service is a partner of the European Gendarmerie Force (EUROGENDFOR) as well as takes part in the missions and operations of the United Nations and other international organizations.

Last updated: 23-01-2019